One Bridge from today’s Physical Earth to tomorrow’s Digital Earth:

Billion People
of today's Internet revenue goes to just five companies*
New technology to build a People-First Digital Earth

On an Expandiverse Digital Earth the world’s best knowledge and digital tools will flow to each person’s screens, based on what they do every minute. Everyone will use humanity’s combined abilities and resources. With an Expandiverse platform your company and customers will grow to their full potentials, on a rocket ride to becoming the best in the world.


*Internet revenues: “5 companies grab 70% of online dollars

Vision, new technology, IP and services to take you and your company to the top:

Strategy and Technology:

Lead a Digital Earth

(Length 13:18)

This strategy adds a digital acceleration initiative next to your main business. This starts small and lean, focused on using new technology to capture digital leadership of your industry.


With new Expandiverse Technology, it shows you how to lead your industry into a Digital Earth. Your advances will help your company and customers rise to the top, with you able to scale to help lead a people-first Digital Earth.

CXO Executive Briefing:
The Silver Bullet Innovation for Your Company’s Digital Transformation

(Length 41:09)

Which innovation will move your markets and put your company in the lead? It’s how your company will connect with customers, suppliers, employees and partners.


The big surprise is that your company could drive Global Digital Transformation. Here’s the new technology and clear vision you need to become a leader of tomorrow’s Digital Earth.

This on-demand briefing is based on Dan Abelow’s keynote speech that opened The Conference Board’s Enterprise Digital Transformation Council in New York.

Expandiverse Technology comes from years of private, confidential development:

Dan Abelow, Inventor


Over 550 companies have licensed one or more previous patents Dan created. His patents have received over 2,570 patent citations. Dan holds degrees from Harvard and the Wharton School of Business.

Dan Abelow's previous patents website

The most patent citations are from world-leading companies

Is this the number 1 cited Intellectual Property in 2017?

Over 750 patent citations received by Expandiverse Technology

This 1,400 page patent specification was divided into 31 technology categories by the U.S. Patent Office. This enables a future “patent family.”

Strategic Roadmaps to lead your industry.
Then scale and help lead a people-first Digital Earth

Here are new Industry and Global Roadmaps for people-first leaders to win the coming Global Digital Transformation. This could flip society’s pyramid without revolutions and without attacking those at the top.

People-first companies multiply markets and profits by helping everyone succeed. They improve the world through capitalism, without revolutions or attacking those at the top.

Pick your company’s ideal goal in our coming digital future. See your journey brought to life in a foresight speech:

See how your company, your customers and your global markets can rise to the top of a Digital Earth.

Your foresight speech:

See examples now

View speaking examples now:

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Add Expandiverse opportunities to your team

We’ve made game-changing contributions to industry-leading companies in:

  • Strategy
  • Innovation
  • Lean design-test
  • Development
  • Launch
  • Leadership

We prefer team relationships to quick engagements, to make more valuable contributions to your success.

Why build another “Me, too”
When you can leap to “Wow!”

If your goal is to capture the future, here are some industries where Expandiverse Technology gives you disruptive advantages:

What’s in your portfolio? What roadmap are you building? Are you thinking big enough?
Transform your thinking and Expand your leadership.

Grow your future faster

Our unique contributions could be yours.
Examples:  Some companies need a digital transformation. Some need advisory services for internal or external teams. Some need leading-edge R&D. Some need licensable IP. Some need world-changing innovations.Media companies need head-turning high-tech content. Universities and think tanks need thought leaders. Everyone needs to be a leader.

1. Choose assets:

  • Expandiverse Technology and IP
  • Advisory Services
  • Expandiverse Content: Videos, Articles and Books
  • Speaking and Thought-Leadership
  • Employment or Contract Services

2. Pick a relationship:

  • Collaborate
  • Partner
  • Sponsor
  • License
  • Contract

CXO Executive Invitation:

What’s a major digital challenge that confronts you?

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