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About the Inventor / Founder.


Dan Abelow is the Inventor/Founder of Expandiverse Technology and Digital Earth Architecture.

He is an American inventor, technology consultant, speaker and author. He holds degrees from the Wharton School of Business and Harvard.

Contact | Email dan@expandiverse.com | Phone +1 (407) 786-7422

As an inventor Dan develops foresight-based technology and IP. His current invention is new Expandiverse Technology, which has received its first patent. Years in private development, this is designed to help build a people-first Digital Earth where “greatness for everyone” can become the norm.

  • This new patent has already been cited by over 430 subsequent patents. That compares to an average patent receiving 3-6 citations during its entire lifetime.
  • The citations include over 90 patent citations from 8 of the 10 biggest tech companies in the world: Apple, Google, Samsung, Microsoft, IBM, Intel, Oracle and Hon Hai (Foxconn).
  • This patent’s 1,400 page specification was divided into 31 technology categories by the US Patent Office.
  • The Expandiverse plans to grow a patent family named “Patents From the Future™” between now and 2031, when this IP expires.

See Where does “The Future” come from? at Digital Earth 2025.

Dan’s previous patents are licensed by over 500 corporations that include Apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsung Electronics, American Express, Ford Motor Company, MasterCard, Sony, Siemens, Oracle, Netflix and many others. See Computing2.com

The IP Dan has created has been cited over 2,100 times by subsequently filed patents. Dan’s patents are cited an average of over 300 times each, with the largest cited over 700 times.

The 2004 sale of Dan’s previous patents and IP portfolio produced the assets for Dan to fund the creation of Expandiverse Technology and its IP. This new contribution to tomorrow’s Digital Earth is made possible by this IP business model.

As a foresight speaker Dan takes your company’s leaders, and your industry conference, into a buildable people-first Digital Earth.

He makes your executives and audience experience their high-growth future as they could build it on our fast-arriving digital economy and planet. They see how to use their Digital Transformation for powerful new industry and “planetary leadership” opportunities.

See example videos of Dan’s foresight speeches here.

Dan’s new project is posting new Digital Earth Architecture and business opportunities from building a people-first Digital Earth.

Focused Roadmaps are currently being added. These assist companies in Digital Transformation planning, so they can target industry leadership and global economic leadership.

See this buildable people-first world now at DigitalEarth2025.com.

As a tech consultant Dan is an expert who has helped world-leading corporations create and deliver large advances in systems, websites, products and services.

He has made hundreds of contributions to industry-leading companies like Cisco Systems, Accenture, Agilent Technologies, IBM and Harvard Business School.

See BreakthroughUsability.com

As an author Dan has been an author, professional collaborator, contract author and ghostwriter. He has written six published books. Two were million-copy bestsellers, and one was a college textbook.

His most recent trade book is Imagine a New Future: Creating Greatness for All — about building a Digital Earth where everyone can succeed. See ImgaineANewFuture.com

His articles in Paris Tech Review have been published in English, French and Chinese. See articles on health and energy.

The Teleportal Technical Series includes over 1,500 pages of technical specifications. This series is available to prospective licensees, collaborators and partners under NDA. If your company or organization is interested, contact the inventor personally.

Contact | Email dan@expandiverse.com | Phone +1 (407) 786-7422

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