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Our unique contributions could be added to your abilities. For example…
Some companies need a digital transformation.
Some need advisory services for internal or external teams.
Some need leading-edge R&D.
Some need licensable IP.
Some need world-changing innovations.
Media companies need head-turning high-tech content.
Universities and think tanks need thought leaders.
Everyone needs to be a leader.

Three Quick Steps Grow Your Abilities

It will be your Digital Earth.
A key step is putting Expandiverse IP and abilities in your hands.

Step 1:
Choose the assets you want:

Patents from the Future™: Expandiverse IP Licensing

  • The first Expandiverse patent was just granted, US Patent 9,183,560.
  • Years of private, confidential work produced a 1,400 page patent application.
  • The US patent office reacted by dividing the application into 31 areas of technology.
  • This enables many years of filing for new patents on this specification — until 2031.
  • An Expandiverse “patent family” could potentially grow to hundreds of patents.

Over 360 subsequent patents have already cited this first application and patent, including 71 patents from 8 of the 10 biggest tech companies in the world: Apple, Google, Samsung, Microsoft, IBM, Intel, Oracle and Hon Hai (Foxconn).

Optional: The right to sub-license Expandiverse Technology and IP, and increase your IP licensing revenues.

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Expand your company’s Digital Transformation, or sell these services to drive others’ Transformations.

Make simultaneous advances in your:

  • Strategy
  • Innovations
  • Lean Design-Test
  • Development
  • Launch
  • Leadership

Focus these advances where you need them:

  • Put them to work in your company’s development teams.
  • Or deliver them to clients for their Digital Transformations.


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Use these internally, or add them to your development teams.
See the content on
Add these to content, channels and publications from your:

  • Media company
  • Corporation
  • University
  • Think Tank

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Add this to your public representatives, engagement and brand.
Grow your team with contract services or hiring, as part of one or more of the above assets.

Step 2:
Pick the relationship you want:






Step 3:
Get in touch, and let’s build a Digital Earth — together:


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