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Dan Abelow is the Inventor of Expandiverse Technology, Architect of Digital Earth 2025, and Principal Consultant of Breakthrough UX.

These three vehicles help build a Digital Earth by delivering its Technology, Roadmaps and Services.

Dan is an American inventor, speaker, author and consultant. He holds degrees from the Wharton School and Harvard.

Expandiverse Technology: Accelerate and Lead a Digital Earth

Tomorrow’s technology: As an inventor Dan develops technology to build the world we will become. His latest invention, the Expandiverse, is new technology for building a people-first Digital Earth. This is history’s first serious attempt to create a successful planet by enabling prosperity and greatness that includes everyone.

  • Within months the first Expandiverse patent was cited over 500 times by subsequent patents.
  • This compares to an average patent receiving 3-6 citations during its entire lifetime. Only a few patents out of millions are cited more than 100-200 times.
  • Over 1 out of 5 patent citations are from 8 of the biggest tech companies in the world.
  • Bill Gates cited this in 8 of his new patents.
  • This patent’s 1,400 page specification was divided into 31 technology categories by the U.S. Patent Office, enabling divisional patent grants through 2031.

Today’s technology: Dan’s previous patents are licensed by over 500 corporations. Some of these include Apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsung Electronics, American Express, Ford Motor Company, MasterCard, Sony, Siemens, Oracle, Netflix and many others. See Computing2.com

Dan’s first digital communications patent has been cited over 700 times. This added 1-to-1 interactions between customers and vendors during product use. It also added 1-to-1 transactions and learning from customers’ actual use. This was filed in 1992 and licensed by over 200 companies.

IP (Intellectual Property) Dan has filed has been cited over 2,200 times by subsequently filed patents. His patents are cited an average of over 300 times each.

As a Speaker Dan takes your company’s leadership, or your industry conference, into a buildable people-first Digital Earth.

With Dan as your speaker, you will see our future of continuously connected consumption, work, supply chains, media and life.

He makes your executives and audience experience a digital future of universal economic growth that they can lead. They can add continuous connections that help their industry — then everyone — rise toward prosperity and personal greatness every minute, every day.

Our planet has started decades of crisis, and tech is about to enter the Digital Convergence Wars of 2020-2025. It is time for your executives and conference to learn how to lead a successful industry and planet. Get Future Ready now by scheduling Dan as your next speaker.

See videos of keynote speeches here.

Digital Earth 2025:  Roadmaps to Prosperity and Greatness for All

As an Architect and Strategist Dan’s latest online project helps build a Global Digital Transformation by posting Roadmaps and foresights at DigitalEarth2025.com.

There is an opportunity to begin this transformation now. Leading companies need growth as the result of their current digital transformations. Companies will spend $1 trillion over the next decade to turn fully digital. This is uncertain because only “me too” innovations are usually available. But dominant digital competitors increasingly threaten leading companies. They need new breakaways to remain leaders and prosperous.

For example, major ad-supported publishers are being financially crushed. The Media 2025 Roadmap directly addresses their need to return to the top.

The next big surprise, the Global Digital Convergence Wars of 2020-2025: Next, Global Digital Convergence will eclipse individual companies’ as “billion-user digital platforms” invade every business. Soon the “billion-user platforms” will be forced to compete for supremacy. The resulting digital infrastructure will last for decades — with only a few winners and many, many losers. A “winner eats everything economy” is coming.

Learn how to start preparing today. Get your company Future Ready for breakaway people-first growth. See the Roadmaps at DigitalEarth2025.com.

Some previous clients of Breakthrough Usability
Breakthrough UX: Lead the Digital Earth

As a Consultant Dan is an expert who helps world-leading corporations create and deliver large advances in systems, websites, products and services.

As Breakthrough Usability, provided hundreds of engagements to leading companies. See examples of previous leadership projects here.

Now ​Breakthrough UX (User eXperience) helps companies grow Digital Earth leadership by starting breakaway growth one project at a time, and one step at a time.

We live in history’s inflection point. Digital disruptions overturn one industry after another. Why not disrupt the world? Get Future Ready now by having your company add people-first Expandiverse Technology to your current business. Lead the fast-arriving Digital Earth. Then scale that to help lead the world. Start now and be a winner of the Digital Convergence Wars of 2020-2025.

As an Author Dan has been an author, professional collaborator, contract author and ghostwriter. He has written six published books. Two were million-copy bestsellers, and one was a Prentice-Hall college textbook on data communications.

His most recent trade book is Imagine a New Future: Creating Greatness for All — about how tech can produce personal greatness, universal prosperity and a successful planet that includes everyone. See the complete book on Medium.com, where Dan was in the top 10% in 2016.

Dan’s articles in Paris Tech Review have been published in English, French and Chinese. See his articles on health and energy.

The Teleportal Technical Series includes over 1,500 pages of technical specifications. This series is available to prospective licensees, collaborators and partners under NDA. If your company or organization is interested, contact Dan personally.

Contact | Email dan@expandiverse.com | Phone +1 (407) 786-7422

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