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What is Expandiverse Technology?

Expandiverse Technology is a new answer to your life's biggest question: Does technology control you, or do you control technology?

If tech controls you then surveillance tracks you everywhere. Your personal life and private choices grow the revenues of Facebook and Google, and their advertisers. Pollution is everywhere, even inside your lungs. Microplastics are in your food. Climate disasters damage billions of lives. Chronic diseases are planetwide, threatening you when you step on a scale. Is this the best we can do?

But... if you control tech, you are in control. You set your goals, receive what you need to achieve them, and companies work for you personally and privately. A people-first economy serves you and delivers what you choose, which could include health, sustainability, economic fairness and social justice. You can say "Stop and fix it!" to the climate crisis. All because "people-first Expandiverse technology" puts you in control.

That's what People-First Expandiverse Technology was invented to do. Move you and everyone to the top, and give you multiple ways to take control.

For the first time, you can use "system change" technology. Right now, you are forced to live in an economy that delivers a personally insecure, non-sustainable world of climate catastrophes, inequality and chronic illnesses. Instead, you can choose the people-first world you believe is right for you. You can decide to live on a healthier, prosperous and sustainable planet, with new ways to reach your goals.

For the first time in history, you and your family can choose your world and your values. Life on a people-first tech-based world gives you control over technology. You decide and have control. You can continuously add new ways to fix problems and help everyone. Especially you.

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About the inventor / author

Dan Abelow

Dan Abelow is an independent thinker, inventor, author, speaker, consultant and entrepreneur who holds degrees from Harvard and the Wharton School of Business.

  • Abelow's latest invention is the Expandiverse, new technology for building a people-first world that empowers everyone's digital life, work, learning and play. This has been cited over 1,300 times, with hundreds of citations by tech's leading companies. 
  • His previous patents were licensed by over 550 companies that include Apple, Google, Samsung Electronics, Microsoft and many other leading companies. His lifetime inventions have been cited over 3,700 times.
  • As a UX (User Experience) consultant, he has developed hundreds of advances for industry-leading companies.


Why is the deeper story

Expandiverse eBook: The Flipped Economy: People First Platforms of the Future


Flip the Pyramid: People move to the top

A "Big Flip" of today’s pyramid could help everyone advance. New people-first technology makes everyone a winner, with people and people-first companies able to choose goals like evolving a healthy, prosperous and sustainable world.

Expandiverse eBook: Capitalism Switches from Linear to Exponential Growth


Exponential Growth for all people and companies

We live with many limits. How can we add new levels of "digital wealth" that empower everyone? Now that "digital" adds exponential growth, here's how to add new opportunities for all people and companies to rise to the top.


Replace Surveillance commerce with private e-consumption

E-consumption is an invisible, private channel inside of every product use. Trusted vendors will privately support each customer in succeeding at the highest levels possible. Customers receive the products they need, when and where wanted. Digital marketing and sales replaces public surveillance with private partnerships.

Be first and take the lead

We are more advanced than we know. Now you can get ahead, and be more advanced than your competitors.