Accelerate your company’s digital transformation today

The inventor has made game-changing contributions to industry-leading companies through his consulting firm:

With a relationship your company receives simultaneous contributions in:

  • Strategy
  • Innovations
  • Lean Design-Test
  • Development
  • Launch
  • Leadership


Lead the 21st century with transformative goals, strategies and growth.

With unique Expandiverse Technology, you can be the exclusive or non-exclusive beneficiary. Either way, we can build on it together.

First Strategy — Defensive:
Dodge Digital Downfall

(Length 5:04)

We’ve entered an economic extinction of companies and jobs. On average, every two weeks a company falls off the S&P 500. By 2025, half of today’s leading companies will be new. How will you survive and prosper? This first strategy is how to survive and get the resources to become a digital leader.

Second Strategy — Offensive & Leadership:
Lead a Digital Earth

(Length 13:18)

This second strategy adds a digital acceleration initiative next to your main business. This starts small and lean, focused on developing your leadership. Using new technology, it shows you how to become a leader in your industry. Your digital advances will help your company and customers rise to the top, with you as a leader of a more capable Digital Earth.

Put our advances to work for you

Taking over leadership looks almost impossible in today’s winner-take-all digital economy. Our Strategy and IP-based thinking offers unique inflection points where your company might rise to the top.


Our astonishing innovations and IP empower you today…
Skip years of R&D and inventing
Start designing and delivering your Digital Earth

We accelerate your company by focusing advanced technology and strategic thinking on your most ambitious goals.

Three example workshops for your leaders and teams:

Lead Your Business/Industry Workshops
“Always on” Customer Journey/Digital Life Workshops
Advertising/Marketing/Selling/Servicing in Expandiverse Shared Spaces

Quick Start

1/2 Day

  • Example agenda:
  • Mini-custom speech/discussion
  • Specify initial goals/objectives
  • Choose scope, metrics, KPI’s
  • Choose deliverables, due dates
  • Later: Presentation for authorization
Choose Quick Start

Full Start

1 Day

  • Example agenda:
  • Quick Start activities plus…
  • Develop competitive scenarios
  • Develop journey maps, scenarios
  • Develop transformation timeline
  • Later: Presentation for authorization
Choose Full Start

Total Acceleration

3 Days

  • Example agenda:
  • Full Start activities plus…
  • Develop always on services concepts
  • Develop always on products concepts
  • Lean design-test first product
  • Later: Presentation for authorization
Choose Acceleration

How will you leap to the front? These examples illustrate incredible advantages from the Expandiverse:

  • Advertising

    A new Internet advertising platform and business model

    Expandiverse screens will be the most valuable “virtual” real estate in the future. Consumers are overwhelmed by spamvertising/email/aggressive content insertions/etc., but user-controlled screens will display only what interests each consumer. Companies reach motivated people rather than wasting budgets spamvertising everyone. Consumers and companies develop always on relationships that work for both of them, with new quality-based marketplaces and relationships on this Digital Earth.

  • Supply Chain

    Tomorrow’s real-time global economic platform: The Supply Chain

    On a Digital Earth, all parts of a supply chain will enjoy continuous connections in Expandiverse Shared Spaces. Supply chain managers can track and coordinate every step in real time with all the participants. With always on connections, the global economy will become more accurate and effective.

  • Healthcare

    See book excerpts now

    In the future, online health care will protect and care for us all

    Personal healthcare will be delivered continuously, to everyone, in an always on, continuously connected Digital Earth. How can you start that today? See excerpts from the inventor’s forthcoming book on Health 2025.

Create your own, or cherry pick our Innovations:

Where will innovations take your company, and how will you create and choose them? Our Innovation services and IP-based thinking offer unique inflection points where your company can leap ahead of the competition.

Lean Design-Test:

Out-perform today’s competitors. Start ahead of today’s thinking. Then scale your lean design-test processes globally, with new invisible marketing/sales channels from tomorrow’s Digital Earth:

Our rapid prototype > test > build > test cycles prove your new business opportunities are real — while developing them with real target customers.

Customer-centered test-measurement frameworks, developed and run since the 1990’s. Here’s examples:

For more information see examples.

One-page process summary:

For more information see this page.

On a Digital Earth, it will be possible to scale lean design-testing to global scope, and add constant investment/profits acceleration:

Identify Needs

Active Knowledge identifies user breakdowns and gaps in real-time, during their moments of need. Quantify regionally or worldwide.

Learn Marketwide

Learn users’ new business opportunities at scale from API’s in Expandiverse platforms. Confirm users’ goals and unmet needs interactively, in Expandiverse Shared Spaces.

Test Continuously

Prioritize users’ unmet needs. Develop solutions with lean design-test frameworks that engage users during their moments of need. Combine Active Knowledge triggers with prototypes and Expandiverse Shared spaces to continuously test new designs.

Invest and Sell

Build to fit. Market new solutions at the point of need using an invisible marketing channel inside Active Knowledge. Turn winning prototypes into winning products and services. Deliver them globally through Active Knowledge.

Take advantage of our unique Lean Design-Test processes:

Our test-design process evolves into continuous learning of needs, and focused marketing of proven new products and services. Our Lean Design-Test processes and IP-based thinking offers unique inflection points where your company can rise to the top.


Scale and deliver your innovations from their source to your tech centers, to hundreds of development teams, and thousands of developers worldwide:

Your new business abilities and outcomes are deployed worldwide, so your investments produce business outcomes.

Been there, delivered that:

  • Learned client processes and created new abilities-processes that fit
  • Lab and field tested new processes to fit corporate objectives
  • Have written the needed process guides, white papers, presentations and training materials
  • Been through formal corporate certification and adoption into approved methods
  • Assisted with field and global rollouts of the new methodology
  • In-depth on-site training and assistance with all stages of adoptions and use
  • Produce and deliver both online resources and dashboards that display current status and longitudinal progress
  • Scaled the resources for use by up to thousands of development teams
  • Handed off program and resources to new teams for responsibility and management

Take advantage of scalable Development advantages:

Global leadership starts from a source, then scales to the world. Our Development capabilities and IP-based thinking offers unique inflection points where your company can rise to world leadership.


Tomorrow will be different:
Instead of walled feifdoms that own customers and kill your company, your Expandiverse platforms move you to the top.

We help you build the world’s capabilities, transforming your organization into a world leader.

Companies own customers and kill your company

Today’s online economy is winner-take-all:

Experts forecast a coming economic extinction of up to 40% of companies and up to 47% of jobs.

Every person owns and controls their screens

When users control the screens on their devices, screens become the world’s most valuable real estate. Users will decide what appears, what’s ignored, and who can pay them for the privilege of being displayed on their screens.

Customers will expect to be served personally – and delighted – or they can banish any company in an instant. Their collective decisions will determine the destiny of both companies and industries.

Companies and customers will develop always on journeys in Shared Spaces

Expandiverse Technology was created so a Digital Earth can start human exponential growth. Imagine if the world’s leading companies deliver the world’s best knowledge and resources to everyone’s screens, all the time, based on what they do, to improve people and the world. Instead of increasing productivity by a few percent a year, these leaders will raise the world’s productivity by tomorrow, then do it again every day. As people improve, the world is turned into these companies’ continuously connected markets and customers. A Digital Earth’s leading companies will be everyone’s “always on” personal partner, growing more than ever before.

(Length 13:18)

Launch your “always on” Digital Earth and change everything:

Disrupt others first with your “always on” Digital Earth platforms, and you can lead the world. Our transformative platforms will let you create the inflection points where your company can rise to world leadership.


The Ultimate Company–Customer Journey:
Grow to absolute innovation instead of incremental innovation.
Change the world so you and your customers are on top.

Your platforms help the world answer its most important question:
Does the world control you, or do you control the world?

With Moore’s Law your company will have the computing power to:

  • Identify every target customer starting with key segments, then expand to the developed world, and eventually worldwide
  • Know each individual’s evolving desires and goals, and customize your digital offering to serve each person
  • Personalize your advertising-content-social media to fit each person, including paying for access to their screens
  • Every response to an ad, content or social media will be an opportunity to totally delight every person
  • Invite and start an “always on” Shared Space relationship with each person, to turn that into a journey — the experience of a lifetime
  • Use sentiment and other indicators to turn it into a “personal journey” that pleases every customer
  • Use Digital Boundaries to turn your Shared Spaces into your world leadership, with APIs so other companies access your customers in ways that grow your revenues
  • Learn from this “Expandiverse Leadership Process” to increase your company’s rates of continuous connections and customer loyalty, as normal business improvements

As you grow always on Expandiverse Shared Spaces worldwide, your company will develop a central position in people’s lives — and the world economy.

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Be great at making this a great world, and lead it well:

Stay ahead by leading a Digital Earth to become the best world it can be. Our advanced technology and IP will let you create the inflection points and enduring advantages where your company keeps its leadership position.