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Or will the world control you?

If you want to help lead a world with billions of successful people, here are some of the industries where Expandiverse Technology gives you disruptive people-first advantages:

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Example: New global economic platform

Tomorrow’s real-time global economic platform: The Supply Chain

Supply chains will operate efficiently and accurately worldwide, through always on Shared Spaces

Continuously Connected Global Platform

(Length 2:27)

You’ve used platforms for years. Now, a new kind of Expandiverse platform can provide a continuously connected global supply chain. This will produce the real-time global economy that we will need in our huge and always-on world. On the supply side a company can continuously connect manufacturing, shipping and distribution to get the right products to the right sellers when their customers need them. On the demand side, customers can be continuously connected so their needs are known and met right away. As we face new global challenges, we will solve supply chain problems immediately, and reach new levels of economic performance.

The Supply Chain in Shared Planetary Spaces

(Length 2:19)

On a Digital Earth, everyone in a global supply chain will experience it in a new way. All the parts of a supply chain will enjoy continuous connections in Expandiverse Shared Spaces. As each participant does each step, supply chain managers can evaluate the progress. They can coordinate in real time with each participant, and with those who receive what they do. With new ways to remain continuously connected, global supply chains will become more accurate and effective.

Example: New Internet advertising platform and business model

A new Internet advertising model: Users control new Digital Boundaries

Consumers and companies use Ad Paywalls and Shared Spaces to meet both their needs

Control Your World

(Length 4:06)

People have always controlled what they look at. Their choices are turning the Internet into walled gardens controlled by Facebook, Apple, Android, Amazon and other platforms. Next, Digital Boundaries will give you control over what you display on your screens, and what you keep off of them.

The world’s most valuable real estate will be your user-controlled interface on all your screens. Computing will reshape these displays to fit your control. Screens will display the world the way you want it — and end your being targeted by an advertising tsunami.

When you control your screens, you will control tomorrow’s Digital Earth. Companies and the economy will start serving you and making your life better, instead of you serving them.

Command the Economy

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finished except for music)

People already use ad blocking to stop ads from appearing on their screens. When an Expandiverse Paywall lets you choose which ads appear, it can also pay you for the ads you allow. Even better, you tell your Paywall the world you want, and that’s the world your screens display. This strengthens the companies you want to see, and diminishes the companies you block.

Paywalls could be set automatically for millions by advertising services, and by nonprofits with which people want to share their Paywall revenues. People changed entire industries when they started using digital control over music CDs and printed newspapers. Next, you can transform unhealthy food (obesity and disease) and global warming (fossil fuels). An Expandiverse Paywall is a kill switch on the world you don’t want, and a green light for the world you want to help develop. When people command which ads appear, responsive companies will connect directly with their customers and deliver the world they want. A new “Partnership Capitalism” will change the world.

Will the world control you?
Or will you build a people-first Digital Earth that you help lead?

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