Business Roadmaps

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Business Roadmaps

What if a roadmap shows you how to take the lead? 

What if you realize that by skipping it, your competitor can use it to leave your company behind?

Growth Roadmap

Global Roadmap

Growth 2025

How can billions become healthy, prosperous and sustainable faster than ever before? Companies are collectively spending $1.3 trillion on digital transformation technology and services in 2020. But will they fix the world's problems?

A bigger surprise would be an Expandiverse Digital Transformation at the scale of "system change." Part of that would be digital exponential growth for everyone who wants it. New abilities, achievements and control will enable personal development at a speed and planetary scale never possible before.

How will this impact the climate crisis, inequality and global health? For the first time, we will have ways to solve these overwhelming problems in years instead of generations. 

Commerce Roadmap

Business Roadmap

Commerce 2025

Online-First will grow until it merges e-commerce and retail. Our continuously connected "e-consumption" will becomes an instantaneous solution, and the world's dominant channel.

These "moment of need" interactions will replace search, advertising, shopping, and retail with the world's best choices, knowledge, tools and commerce. Here’s a Roadmap for leading that transformation.

Work Roadmap

Business Roadmap

Work 2025

During the rise of computing, Microsoft Office was the world’s platform for digital work.

On our Online-First world, work converges customers, employees, suppliers, distributors, markets and the economy. It is always-on, continuously connected and real-time.

Which company will lead that global “Work Platform?” This new platform will continuously connect everyone as it produces real-time successes for customers, employees, suppliers, logistics and partners.

Media Roadmap

Business Roadmap

Media 2025

Fortunes changed when more than 85 cents of every new dollar spent on online advertising went to Google or Facebook. Do these platforms care while old media withers, or does it celebrate the size of its bank accounts and market values?

But instead of dying quietly, could media use a new technology inflection to soar upward by lifting the world with it?

Could media lead a new generation of “Active Solutions” that produces personal success and prosperity that includes everyone — including the media?

Supply Chain Roadmap

Global Roadmap

Supply Chain 2025

A continuously connected global economy is about to arrive. “Always on relationships” will serve consumers, vendors, employees, suppliers and logistics. The economy’s responsiveness will accelerate to real-time speed, with accuracy that hopes for perfection.

Here’s the Supply Chain Roadmap to that fast-arriving Global Digital Transformation. Your Supply Chain Platform can disrupt and enhance others with connected e-consumption, and a FAST Platform for user experience (FAST is Find, Act, Solve and Transform).

By 2025, one or a few companies could lead supply and demand chains that could raise everyone's prosperity and success worldwide. These leaders will earn by empowering companies and societies to reach new levels of speed, scale and personally accurate services worldwide.

Digital Transformation Roadmap

Global Roadmap

Digital Transformation 2025

Leave the slow road of incremental innovation to others. Innovate at the scale of "the system" with the Expandiverse Digital Transformation Roadmap:

First use People-First and personal exponential growth to enhance your customers, employees and supply chains. As you start leading your industry, scale your platform to lead the world. Add revenues by advising other companies' transformations, and sell your platform as a cloud service. Make many companies into leaders of their People-First Industries.

Why disrupt only your industry when you can re-open everyone’s future, and lead a successful People-First Planet?

First Movers are Leaders

We are more advanced than you know. The Expandiverse is how you get ahead of your competitors. Let's talk today.