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Example: GE Headquarters — CMO Staff Meeting

Speech excerpt:

Are you thinking big enough?

(Excerpt length 4:59)

Delivered at GE Headquarters, to the global staff meeting of Beth Comstock, Senior VP and Chief Marketing Officer.

Start from today’s most advanced best practices. That’s GE, a founder and creator of the Industrial Internet.

What will you change when you see your company on a Digital Earth — and see how you can surpass today?

CXO Executive Briefing: Accelerate Your Transformation

Briefing adapted from a keynote speech to The Conference Board’s Enterprise Digital Transformation Council

Digital Future 2025:
How will Business Work?

(Length 41:09)

How will your company connect with customers, suppliers, employees and partners on a Digital Earth?

The big surprise is the speed and scale at which your company can drive your Industry’s Digital Transformation — then scale to lead the world’s Global Transformation.

Here’s the new technology and clear vision you need to start leading tomorrow’s Digital Earth in years, not decades.


  • 1:40 Your Challenge
  • 5:32 Morning: Day in the Life
  • 9:26 How does this work?
  • 22:16 How to Lead the World
  • 32:06 Capture the Historic Inflection Point

  • Companies will accelerate technology disruptions as they spend about $1 trillion on Digital Transformations in the next decade.
  • Breakthroughs will produce faster global advances.
  • Continuous connections will add Connected Consumption between customers, vendors and suppliers.
  • How will these always-on customer-vendor relationships deliver benefits that everyone wants?

Conference Keynote Speech: Transform Your Audience in One Step

Example: International conference in Brazil, with simultaneous translations into Portugese and Spanish

A keynote speech delivered in Brazil, at an international conference:

The Future of Devices:
The Crisis of Success and Our Journey to Greatness

(Length 32:04)

Come on a journey from our pre-historic ancestors, to mankind’s rise to prosperity during the Industrial Revolution — which has produced a growing “Crisis of Success.” We have become an unquenchable planet. Countless billions want unlimited growth and consumption for centuries to come.

Our self-made Crisis of Success will force us on a Journey to Greatness. We no longer have a choice: We must build a Digital Earth with superior personal and global abilities.

How will this amazing future begin? What will its technology be? Here is where you see how humanity starts its unavoidable Journey to Greatness.

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